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Hi! My name is Philip and I’m nuts about free energy

When my neighbors saw the electric companies paying ME for the service… they went nuts too! Didn’t know what to think! (Is this guy in a shady business or what? 😯 )


And maybe you’re wondering the same right now…


Well let me share this with you, I’ve never felt better than producing my own energy. It is like declaring your independence from the system,


Camera battery charged with a solar charger btw…

But it wasn’t always like this…

2 years back my bills were climbing up every month, I decided to lower my power consumption by changing some devices, I changed my water heater for solar and I really had a good time doing it… but (there’s always a but) my next month the power bill increased $45.


Can you believe it? They noticed a decrease in usage so they put me in another category! So I was paying more for the same old electric service.

I had enough!


The next morning I was calling a friend who already had a decent sized solar panel network installed.


He sent me the link for a very precise guide with a couple of videos, just enough to start building my own new fun project, here’s the first one I built:


Once I finished it, something changed. The way I saw the world changed somehow… It felt like I was like signing my declaration of independence.


We can (and should) produce energy! or at least take it as the wonderful gift it is! I realized that they are charging us for something that’s free out there,

I felt… FREE!

The curious thing is that I had so much fun building the solar panel that I forgot about the bill.


But as my solar panels kept growing in number my bills started getting cheaper to the point where didn’t have to pay,

 they started buying the excess electricity that my devices were producing!


A bill that make you smile :)

I opened this blog in the hopes that others in my situation may find it and avoid all the mistakes I made. Follow these easy steps and you too will be receiving a check from the electric company.


I encourage you to download my ebook “Living Off The Grid” where I walk you through getting started reducing your footprint and saving big time:

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Don’t want the eBook? No problem!

You Still Can Easily Use The Same Technology I Use Every Day!

This technology is proven to work for a very long time and it’s the best way to eliminate your power bills and save our planet too.


In order to have a house with a complete energy self-supply, it is necessary to build a homemade power system, it might sound complicated but is actually very fun, in fact is addictive.


With the aid of the video to the right you will be able to build your homemade power system, for as little as  $200 to $500

You can always start with a small device and keep growing from there. Every single new project is fun to do.


Since then I’ve discovered some pretty interesting free energy devices. Watch my next emails closely to get some amazing gear reviews.

Some options to supercharge your home:

Here you have a list of the different types of free energy devices I’ve found useful in my declaration of independence from the greedy companies!